So You Want A Photo on Your Invitations?

While some of us can afford to hire a professional photographer, some of us are forced or tempted to save money by asking a friend or family member to do our photography for us. To help these people get better pictures, here are a few of the suggestions to catch a variety of good looking poses for your invitations.

For those taking outdoor shots, take your pictures in the late afternoon while the sunlight is getting softer but not gone yet. Whether indoors or outdoors, avoid patterned clothing; stick with simple solids. For action shots, try getting on a bike together (tandem or her on the handlebars) or in a canoe. Play chess together (but don't fight over who gets to look like they're winning!) or visit a park and swing together. Dance together--get a shot of her in the middle of a twirl or a dip. For more subdued shots, lie down in the grass and prop yourselves up on elbows, deep in conversation, or capture the elegance of feeding her grapes, or clink glasses of wine (and make sure the ring shows), or for a winter shot, sit in front of a fireplace holding steaming mugs of hot chocolate.

For photos of just the two of you without props, try laughing together, capture a stolen kiss with eyes closed blissfully--on the cheek, the forehead, or the traditional, sit side by side with her head resting on his shoulder or with her hugging one knee, capture a piggy-back ride, or focus on her ring against his shoulder as she holds him. For scenery, try an amusement park, or a reading window, or standing on a bridge pondering the water running beneath, or go for the elegance of silhouettes against a gorgeous sunset.

These are just a few suggestions to get the imagination started. Any of these would make a wonderful addition to your wedding invitations. You'll find a longer list of suggestions on my website, and I welcome more suggestions in my guestbook. Posted by: Melanie, MP Creations Custom Invitations

Do You Want To Dance?

Your first dance as husband and wife.

Will you dance like you did in high school? Or will you WOW your guests with a few moves? During your first dance at your wedding reception you will have everyone's eyes and attention. What will get your guest hootin', hollering and clapping will be a very simple thing.......

What will that take? Not much, just a few moves. It can be a grand finish with a big "dip", or a few box steps. A couple of dance lessons will do wonders: for one, your footwork, second, your confidence if your not a dancer, three, your guests will LOVE it.

To the left, you can watch a few choreographed first dance video's which are tons of fun, but you don't have to go to that extreme.

A wedding reception with friends, family, costs thousands. A romantic, intimate dance between husband and wife, priceless.