College Students & Great Idea

Every once and a while you see or read something that is such a great idea.
Why didn't I think of that? So simple, so easy, so cool. You have to pass it along.

Last month my daughter who is in FL, I am in TN, didn't have any $$ for dog
food. So I called her local WalMart to see if I could purchase dog food and she
could go pick it up.......easy enough, but WalMart would not do it. ?????

Fast forward: Today reading the paper, a story of 3 college kids come up with the
idea of funny, same as I was trying to do with dog food. Students
who are short on $$. Parents can purchase food/snacks mailed/delivered to their dorm room.

How simple is that? and what a GREAT IDEA. Pass this along to anyone with college

age kids, or pass it along to anyone who you think might benefit from it. Kids will thank you.