Don't Mess with Mother Nature !!!

Photo by Picture Perfect PhotographyWhen planning your ceremony outside..... it does not matter if you are on a mountain top, on the beach, in a park or under a tent in the back yard. ALWAYS respect Mother Nature. When outside events are planned, consider the season: hot or cold. Rain, Snow, Hurricane, Lightning.......know the weather! Have a plan B......always!

Mother Nature does not care if your bridal party is fair skinned. She does what she does best, Weather. Windy days, sound does not carry, hair blows, veils fly, isle runners - run, candles melt, plates and food become air-borne. Have sunscreen for guests. Containers for bottled water, paper hand fans, parasols or umbrellas.

Exotic locations: Keep in mind elderly grandma, uneven footing, grass, hot sand & bare feet.......some locations can be hard to walk to, if walking is hard for elderly or handicapped. Know the weather! Have a plan B......always!

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Kathy Thompson said...

My wedding was at Mt. Charleston in NV, just outside of Las Vegas. Everything was going wonderful until a storm moved in very quickly. Everyone was running for cover. Thank heavens the reception was close and everyone made it ok. We laugh about it now, to see a bride and groom running from the hills!